Applying makeup is becoming an important part of the lives of the majority of the girls in the society. It's considered an art and must be performed properly with little to no imperfections or even better use very little makeup with natural colors and a well done hair straightening treatment like a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian blow dry worn lightly and loose and you will be subtly beautiful. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take particular precautions when applying makeup to keep your health and to keep it looking good. There are numerous kinds of cosmetics with numerous benefits to pick from, none the less you do not want one with cheap fillers, do some research and talk to your stylist, don't be afraid to ask questions. They contain eye shadow, eyeliners, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, powder, eye pencils, and base and also rouge creme and don't be afraid to ask about hair products as well, if you do in fact plan on getting a hair smoothing treatment of any kind, weather it be a keratin straightening or any Brazilian hair for that matter please understand that there is maintenance involved and after care products are a necessity and you will need to buy a keratin shampoo or something similar with no sulfate.

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Hygiene Is Key

You can even use a hand sanitizer also for this. Make up applicators including sponges and brushes should be kept clean, you should always scrub after use with soap and hot water. You should also let your eye lash curler and leave it soaked for some minutes and after that wipe it. Makeup bags also need to be cleaned regularly with a clean piece of cloth.

Apply Makeup Carefully

Makeup which are glittery shouldn't be used on fine organs like the eye as they may include elements that in turn change your eyesight and may injure the eye. Also, when you've got an eye that is infected you should discontinue using those makeup instantly in order to avoid causing additional damage. Please be careful when applying your makeup and in what fashion, too many times you see women performing such tasks while driving or walking down the street, not knowing that in the fraction of a second you can cause a serious accident to yourself or worse to someone else, please time is not that serious, take your time, wake up 10 minutes earlier and apply it at home in a safe fashion.

Never Share Makeup Products

It is because sharing might result in transfer of viruses and bacteria thus causing skin diseases that can not only be humiliating, but depending on what it is it could cause serious health problems. Even if it's not makeup your sharing, maybe shampoos or hair coloring products, but what if your hair is not just different but a different color all together, I can guarantee you your going to get different results.

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Quality Cosmetics

Moreover and lastly, you should buy quality and true make up from professionals to prevent purchasing dangerous substance which could cause serious health problems. Just because you found a deal doesn't always mean it is going to benefit you in a positive way, you see all though some companies cut prices by using simpler packaging, less promotions or whatever the case may be, most companies are going to have lesser prices because they are using cheaper products, fillers and additives that can be harmful to you and your body, the same way a keratin treatment requires you to use a keratin shampoo in order to maintain the quality of that said hair straightening treatment, you should always use quality products weather it be for your hair or your skin.

People are always looking for the next big thing, the next miracle drug or fruit that everybody is raving about. Promising to make life changing results if drank twice a day or 6 minute work outs. Well let me tell you something, there is no short cut to living longer, feeling better or even looking better.


Drink Your Water

One of the biggest things in life you can do to improve your over all health and energy levels is start drinking water through out the day. Everyone's body is different and every one needs different amounts of water, but a good rule of thumb to start with is to drink at least 8 cups of water (8 oz. per cup) and as you pick up your water intake try and cut as much sodas and juices as possible. What people don't realize, is that there is absolutely nothing healthy that comes from soda, it is filled with sugars, processed sugars, coloring agents and empty calories. If your a daily soda drinker and you cut down the soda intake and start drinking more water, not only are you going to start to feel noticeably better with more energy, but you will see clearer skin, nails, hair, your teeth will look whiter. I guarantee you cutting soda will be the best things you can do and will see your body go through awesome changes.

Don't Stress It

I always say before you can start fixing the outer you, you need to fix the inner you. Meaning health, mind and spirit. If your not healthy, you can't have have a clear mind, if you don't have a clear mind, how can you stay on focused. Everything works as one, if there is one minor flaw in the system, everything will fail. Once your health is up to par, then you can start getting in shape and maintaining that natural glow your body has and needs to show. Even as a stylist you can't be all out of shape, disheveled, I mean who is going to want to let you take care of there hair if you can't even take care of yourself. One's first impression says a lot about there self, especially if your a salon owner and the salon is what your representing. We all understand that every one is different and everybody has a different body structure, but be neat, come to work with clean clothes, pressed or ironed, hair and make up already done. Honestly there is nothing more displeasing to see than a stylist rushing in to work, late and a mess, still having to do their make up and hair in front of customers and other peoples clients, in my opinion that stylist needs to be fired or have a serious talking to. And if someone is stressing you out I can guarantee you it's going to take it's toll on you and ware you down. Not only can it take it's physical toll on your body making your skin look aged, hair thinning or even falling out, but you can get very depressed and even develop heart disease. Life is a beautiful thing, don't waste it on hating anybody or holding in anger about certain things, talk about and make a change.

Summer are hot and humid, weather you have straight hair or curly, there's going to be extra work involved and no doubt there's going to be bad hair days, don't forget those scrunggies and hair bands. Just think about it ladies, you spend a good 45 minutes in the bathroom dolling yourself up, hairs is on point, time to go out and wham!!, as soon as you step outside your hair goes "poof" or maybe even worse you lose all volume, sitting there like a wet chihuahua. So what is a Brazilian Blowout treatment, well it happens to be the biggest thing for a couple of years now and for a great reason too.


The reason for a Brazilian Blowout is to finally have that smooth glossy hair that's glowing and manageable with little to no effort. Through using formaldehyde and other aldehyde in a very professional way the hair is smooth, tamed and frizz free. Nevertheless, it is possible to nevertheless iron, curl or give body to it in the event you decide to achieve that. Pretty much sounds like a miracle right and almost is, first it's shampooed and conditioned, than the merchandise can be applied, when a Brazilian treatment is performed it's heated up using a flat iron at high temperature and also this procedure is repeated many times to seal the item to the hair shaft smooth, straight and prepared for whatever.

What's Keratin

Well keratin is a natural protein that makes up of skin, hair, nails and hooves, they consist of a family of fibrous structural proteins and when not taken care of and left damaged, they break or split making hair frizzy. Keratin treatments make it possible for the hair to be one solid unit again getting that smooth and flowy look again by sealing that bond.

So let's maintain that healthy hair and keep your scalp nice and wholesome, let's continue an excellent diet that is clean and fresh foods with lots of water. Remember everything changes your hair including drugs, poor diet and smoking, not to mention they are all very unattractive and stink. Keeping a high protein diet and a healthier body ensures your hair is healthy not just because you know it, but because it shows it.


The reason behind this is Brazilian Blowout products don't use sulfate because of the fact that it is in a lot of hair care products these day's and it is damaging to the hair. Sulfates are outstanding in the majority of hair-care products, body washes and soaps particularly shampoo as they're a detergent that generates the "lather" effect. The reason this can be not good for the own hair regarding Brazilian blowout is the fact that sulfates strip oils, grime and compounds in addition to hair color as well as other chemical process on the hair away. So in the event that you do not use sulfate free shampoo and have a Brazilian Blowout treatment you're going to shorten the length significantly.

Following a Brazilian smoothing treatment the effect is a straighter, smoother and much more glowing head of hair. This process has been seen by us up to four months but generally averages about 3 months. Our customers report a considerably longer time frame utilizing the Brazilian Blowout products versus other brands. In fact the Brazilian blowout products were not used by our latest customer only 8 weeks, and her treatment continued. As far as I can see there's nothing but good things to say about this product, if you want to dig deep enough the only thing I have found is they use a small amount of formaldehyde and every thing that I found said the customer has nothing to worry about it if any one get's any negative effect from this it's the stylist, so sleep soundly my children and make that appointment with your stylist.




The most effective method to do that would be to put money into a few outside furniture pieces in the event you would like to enhance your outdoor look on your salon, curb appeal some might call it, a little short on money?, buy some light fixture's and a little paint, you'd be surprised how much of a difference just that could make and allow it to be a much better place for gathering together with friends and clients just before or after a haircut on a slow day. You'll find several choices available on that marketplace, and you're going to likely need sometime to research everything and find on the most effective options for your requirements, but trust us, it is an enormous development for just about any upgrade to a salon and you are undoubtedly not likely to regret spending money and your time onto it, not to mention your clients will like too.

Don't go cheap on the furniture

You will immediately discover there are quite a bit of choices available as we said and you also may look yourself a bit confused wanting to decide on the ones that are best. It is essential that you simply put money into quality outdoor furniture, but it is likewise essential that you simply avoid spending on items and wasting your funds that you simply are never going to make use of considering, it is a salon, maybe a nice 3 person chair or some minor vegitation. So a little preparation can go quite a distance in ensuring that you will receive the best deal for the hard earned money out of your outside furniture. Quick little tip, start off by going to your local thrift stores, here in San Diego there seems to be one every corner, take a look, you might even get lucky on some antique looking furniture perfect for the outdoors, maybe something that just needs a little touch up, a little paint here, a little sand paper there, you'll be surprised at what you can find at a thrift store.


Focus on the fundamentals - in the event you would like to take a seat together with your buddies outside the salon on a slow day, you are likely to need some seats as well as a small table, and also you need to plan carefully to make sure that you will always have enough space for the walkways, making sure not to violate any safety codes. To put in strategic places or an ashtray also can minimize the necessity bring ashtrays from within the home and to go around, plus it could seem extremely trendy. Those outside ashtrays will often be coupled with other cosmetic things also, like posts that were light, to give an even better value for the hard earned money to you.

Speaking of lights, it is an essential element of the ornamentation in your garden, when you are planning what you are going to order installed and also you need to take it and think about the energy output involved in the amount of lights you are using, always keep in mind, led lights might cost more, but will save on the electric bill and last up to 10 times longer. Throughout the night time, it is possible to develop a cozy, comfortable feeling in your garden through the proper use of lights, which alone can have an enormous effect on how individuals perceive your garden. It will take a little experience to order light fixtures correctly which means you are likely to have some one come out and take a look, dealing and using a great landscape business who also does hardscapes is essential, so they can construct the proper mood throughout the yard.

In the end, it'll seem like you've got a whole garden right outside your salon, does it certainly make sense to put those plants in enclosures that are added? Should you look into taking care the out skirts of your salon to ensure your business is fire safe, do you want to leave room in a corner or maybe an open bed of clean soil full of nutrients to plant some veggies and herbs, maybe nothing like having some fresh herbs to accent your lunch. The reality is this can really enhance rather a lot to the looks of the garden, which makes it seem even professional and more organized. Do not overdo it for those who got too a lot of boxes round the area, and never enough plants put by themselves, as it may undoubtedly backfire.